Meet Deron

The Best is yet to come

Deron Smith

Lifetime Bible Enthusiast

Husband of Suzanne for over 30 years, Dad and Grandad

I want to inform and inspire you toward The Brightened Life!


But hey, I am not a commentator. I am not a scholar. I do not have a master’s degree in divinity or a doctor’s degree in theology. What I do have is simply this: I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover each year for over 35 years now. It has greatly brightened my life. I just want to share what Bible reading has done for me with you.

Don’t get me wrong, we need the commentators, the scholars and those with degrees in divinity and theology. But we also need those who have just made a life of reading, studying, applying and sharing God’s word without all the credentials. Why? So that others may understand that the Bible is accessible to all. No matter your level of learning, the Bible is not too difficult for you to gain the insights you need to live The Brightened Life and find eternal life.