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How Do You Find Something?

Reading from Genesis 5-8

How Do You Find Something?

Genesis 6:8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

How do you find something? You look for it! Noah found the Lord’s favor because he was looking for it.

Back in Chapter 4, it is clear to me that even though Adam and Eve were banished from the garden, they were not banished from the Lord’s presence. Read chapter 4 and notice the familiar way God and Cain converse before and after Cain's sin of murder. Also notice that in 4:16 Cain must leave the Lord’s presence. Cain laments in 4:14 that he would be hidden from the Lord’s face! This did not happen till he was an adult. He was not even charged with sin until his failed sacrifice attempt and the actual murder of his brother. He was not affected by “original sin”!

At the end of Genesis 4, there are two cultures – one is evil through Cain’s line and one is seeking the Lord in Seth’s line. By chapter 6, the culture of Cain’s line has taken over. Genesis 6:12 says, “all flesh had corrupted their way” and in 8:21 that “the inclination of man’s heart is evil from youth”. But this is not from infancy, they chose to corrupt their way. Certainly, we have an inclination towards evil, and we will all fall into sin. But we get to choose whether to corrupt our way or not. Noah chose a different path.

Noah is a hero! In a culture of millions (maybe billions?) of people who had corrupted their way, he had walked in righteousness and sought and found favor in the Lord! One family in the whole world. Let’s take courage from and follow their example!

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